Atalanta (Acts of God) 1997 Lovely Music, Ltd.LCD 3301-2 
in memoriam...KIT CARSON (opera) 
(excerpt) on Ten Years of Essential Music
1997   Monroe Street MSM 60101
Automatic Writing, Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon, She Was A Visitor  1996 Lovely Music, Ltd.LCD 1002
Tract and Superior Seven  1996  New World Records80649—2 
Love Is A Good Example, on A Confederacy of Dances, Vol. 2 1995 Einstein RecordsEIN 003
eL/Aficionado  1994  Lovely Music, Ltd.LCD 1004 
Outcome Inevitable, on Outcome Inevitable, the Relâche Ensemble  1994 O.O. DiscsOO#18 
The Producer Speaks, on Sign of the Times, Thomas Buckner, baritone  1994  Lovely Music, Ltd.LCD 3022 
Van Cao's Meditation, on With and Without Memory, Lois Svard, piano 1994  Lovely Music, Ltd.LCD 3051 
Factory Preset, on A Chance Operation, John Cage tribute  1993 Koch International3—7238—2 Y6x2 
Improvement  1992  Elektra/Nonesuch79289—2 (2 CDs) 
Perfect LivesOpera for Television (1983)  1991  Lovely Music, Ltd.LCD 4917.3 (3 CDs) 
Odalisque, on Full Spectrum Voice, Thomas Buckner, baritone  1991 Lovely Music, Ltd.LCD 3021 
Yellow Man With Heart With Wings  1990 Lovely Music, Ltd.LCD 1003 
Atalanta (Acts of God)Full libretto, live recording  1985 Lovely Music, Ltd.VR 3301—3 (3 LPs) 
Perfect LivesOpera for Television (1983)  1983  Lovely Music, Ltd.LMC 4913—47 (2 tapes) 
Music Word Fire And I Would Do It Again (Coo Coo):  The Lessons  1981 Lovely Music, Ltd.VR 4908 
The Barfrom Perfect Lives  1981 Lovely Music, Ltd.VR 4904
Interiors Without Flash  1979 Giorno Poetry Systems 
Sonata:  Christopher Columbus Crosses to the New World in the Nina,the Pinta and the Santa Maria Using Only Dead 
Reckoning and a Crude Astrolabe, on Just for the Record, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, piano 
1979 Lovely Music, Ltd.VR 1062 
Automatic Writing  1979  Lovely Music, Ltd.VR 1002
Private Parts  1978/90 Lovely Music, Ltd.LM 1001; LCD 1001 
In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women  1974/91 Cramps (Italy)CRSCD 103
Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon, on Electronic Sound  1971  Mainstream 
She Was A Visitor, on Extended Voices(Brandeis Chamber Chorus)  1967 CBS Odyssey She Was A Visitor, on Extended 
The Wolfman  1966  Source 4, Composer-Performer Editions 
Untitled Mixes, on Explosions, The Bob James Trio  1965 ESP 1009 
In Memoriam Crazy Horse (Symphony), on Music from the ONCE Festival  1964  Advance 
Video & Film
Atalanta Strategy(28:40/color/NTSC)  1986 Lovely Music, Ltd.VHS
Perfect LivesOpera for Television (7 episodes)(25:50/color/NTSC/PAL)  1983 Lovely Music, Ltd.2 VHS 
Music Word Fire And I Would Do It Again (Coo Coo):  The Lessons(28:40/color/NTSC) 1981 Lovely Music, Ltd.VHS 
What She Thinks(Music with Roots in the Aether)(58:40/color/NTSC)  1976 Lovely Music, Ltd.VHS 
Title Withdrawn(Music with Roots in the Aether)(58:40/color/NTSC)  1976  Lovely Music, Ltd.VHS 
Music with Roots in the Aether(14 programs, 58:40 each/color/NTSC/PAL, with translation to French in voice-over on PAL) 1976  Lovely Music, Ltd.7 VHS 
Four American Composers:a series of one hour films about Robert Ashley, John Cage, Philip Glass and Meredith Monk, directed by Peter Greenaway.  1982/91 Translatlantic Films (London)Mystic Fire Video (New York) 
------, on "Music from Mills"  1986 Mills College Anthology